Ashley – Yoga Studio
Today’s session with Ashley:
“I have an event beginning in mid-September. I want to book it out. I’ve been promoting since July in one publication. It’s had lots of interests but no sign-ups yet. How can I market my offering in 25 days or less to big success?”
I went onto Ashley’s Website and started looking around. It took me about six minutes – no lie – to figure out where she was located. Now here’s why this is such a big problem. Ashley, You are a local business. You are running a yoga studio and you are trying to fill out a local event. And it took me six minutes, even more than that, to find out where you’re located. That’s a problem. If you have a local business – you’re a yoga teacher, you run a yoga studio, you’re a photographer, maybe you’re an interior designer – anything that’s locally based, you cannot hide your location from us on your Website. You need to shout out your location loud and proud everywhere possible, because trust me, it impacts your business. Ashley took onboard four simple changes I suggested. Like to know what those changes were Feel free to touch base with me here and request a 10min FREE Chat
Next, let’s talk about Ashley’s event.

So when I was on Ashleys site, I was actually looking for this event so I could give her some marketing advice. And do you know what else was the problem? I couldn’t find what I was looking for it. So if I’m looking for this event and I can’t find it, that means it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to fill it up. What I did find though is this link on this site a was kind of a janky looking link. I clicked around and it took me to a bunch of different places off your site. Bad, you need people to remain on your site and have a good user experience.

Here’s what to do. If you want to fill any event, you have to feature it on your site. Stop hiding the goods. While there are hundreds of qualified web designers out there, your need a strategist who can help you identify your USP (unique selling point) and determine your strict “Call to Actions”. You need someone who understand “Marketing” as well as web design layout and functionality .

Ashley took onboard my suggestion and added a clear “Call to Action” opt-in button with all the correct wordsmith tricks and a swift Facebook marketing strategy.


Ashley filled her event
Ashley is now getting more enquiry calls every day for her business
People can now find a way to make contact with her
Ashley’s website has improved structure, better navigation and a clear “Call to Action” feature.

Would you like to know more about what the recommended changes were

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